Aerial photography services from surveys to cinematic creative filming from an experienced full services production company.

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About Us

We are a visual media production facility that offer a full range of video services.  Here we would like to bring your attention to our fully qualified aerial capabilities.

We can offer a one man drone shoot, on certain projects, but we normally work with a two 2 man crew for drone only shoots.  We also offer a full production crew to include other camera systems, including hand held gimbals. We also have night flying permissions and access to thermal and aerial surveying aerial systems.

All pre-production and site risk analyses are done by our experienced production team and any post production is also handled by our own editors and digital artists.

The highly experienced Richard Pinches is at the helm, with over 33 years experience behind a camera and still very passionate about delivering quality imagery. Our aim is to bring the cinematic approach to every aerial shoot. We are highly adverse to lazy techniques of  just ‘throwing’ a drone into the sky and hitting ‘record’ in a ‘spray and pray’ technique. Because we have a background based on supplying high quality imagery for national brands in national campaigns, we strive to supply the most striking imagery we can, even if that means arriving on site in the pitch dark and setting up waiting for that incredible dawn shot. Our showreel will testify to the quality and commitment of our operators.

Meet The Crew

Our professional team take advantage of their wealth of experience to shoot expert aerial filming and aerial photography, creating a fantastic atmosphere and a smooth process throughout. We operate with a digital walkie talkie system with hands free VOX voice activation for all of our communications during shoots, allowing all ground crew and relevant personnel to be in full control throughout filming.

When filming, we will typically shoot as a two man crew, with one person being the pilot and the other being responsible for all camera operations, making use of a downloaded radio link to a monitor, of which the camera operator will use for composition. For ancillary shooting, we can also provide a full filming crew and high end camera equipment, complete with a director, producer and camera assistants. Our team eat, sleep and breathe aerial photography and aerial filming, with the passion and commitment visible in the work that we produce.

Film & Television

The UK film and television industry is now extremely popular, having gained a world renowned reputation over previous years for producing top quality and engaging material. With American production studios opting to find base within the UK and the famous Pinewood Studios doubling in size, UK film and television is in a much better place than ever before.

We have previously worked closely with some of the biggest TV broadcasters in the country, including BBC, Channel 4 and BSKYB, as well as independent film production companies, creating popular documentaries, features and short films that have been viewed worldwide. Meadows Farm Studios have great experience in working with companies within the film and television industry, and we are looking to expand our creative collaborations with other UK based production companies.


Over the years, we have worked with many of the world’s biggest car brands, helping to create advertising and brochure campaigns to be seen by millions of people worldwide. Not only have we made use of our drive-in studios, but we have also travelled to various locations around the world to capture the very best shots possible. Having previously worked with BMW, Hyundai, Lotus, Land Rover, Rolls Royce and many other car manufacturers, we are perfectly placed to fulfil all of your aerial filming requirements.

Our team have the ability to produce stunning imagery for our automotive clients including showreels and promotional materials, using our expertise to find a perfect combination of light, composition and camera angles. We also shoot during the coveted ‘magic hour’ before dawn, using this to our advantage to create great content that showcases vehicles in all of their glory.

Estate Agency

We have worked on many estate agency projects, capturing larger houses and estates, using aerial photography and aerial filming as methods to contribute to the sale of properties, as well as simply for recording and surveying purposes. During this service, we can also check roofs for damage and offer advice on any inaccessible areas by making use of our drone photography equipment.

All of the pre-production and site analysis is conducted by our professional team beforehand, and our very own editors and digital artists will also take care of all post production work. For our estate agency projects we can shoot as a two man crew, but we can also attend with a director and camera crew for the larger shoots.


Being an established aerial photography and filming studio, we work with a whole variety of clients, ranging from small local businesses to international mega brands. Our excellent team have supplied corporate businesses with great quality web content, and TV commercial and promotional materials for many years – all at amazing prices!

With photographic origins, we have the ability to always make our video content look fantastic, taking lighting, composition and camera angles into consideration to create the best work possible. We have previously worked with a number of big name corporate businesses including BMW, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Citroen, Rolls Royce and many more.

Quality & Safety

We are fully compliant as a company, with full BNUC-S and CAA certification, as well as public liability insurance for all of our UAV flight systems. Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do here at Meadows Farm Studios, and our team complete a full site risk analysis before beginning any aerial filming project.

High quality is very important to our work, and we have made big investments to ensure that everything we produce is of the highest quality, using state of the art filming equipment, including carbon fibre materials with GPS control and smooth, balanced gimbals to allow for the controlled, accurate and fluid movements that are necessary when using our filming equipment. We have a variety of choices of drones depending on your specific requirement and we can hire in specialised drones when required.

Aerial Video Gallery

2019 Aerial Showreel

2017 Aerial Showreel

2016 Aerial Showreel

Hover Craft

Stately Homes Showreel

Lamborghini Scotland

Lotus Video


Lamborghini 50th Anniversary

Combine Harvester

Stonor Park


Firstly I can’t tell you how excited we all are about the film. Its brilliant and if its gives you goosebumps you can imagine how much we love it. It is amazing and more than I ever hoped for. I must have watched it 20 times already!

Will Stonor, Aerial film for Stonor Park

It was a pleasure working with you and Liz on our ‘Italian Job’. Sorry to have dragged you out of bed, even before you had a chance to fall asleep! But it was worth it for the amazing light and the film stage the Dolomites gave us. I know the client was impressed with your flexibility and ability to do so much with a small crew. The client is really happy with the end result and I am sure we will be filming for our other cycle brands  soon.  Ciao

Peter Cole, Marketing Director, Miche Italy

Mate you’ve done it again! Very impressed!  Your team were very professional and I really appreciate the quick turn around on the edit to show our lot the next day. Top work fella.

Simon Perry, ID-PR Motorsport, Vauxhall Car launch

Richard and his team have created some spectacular aerial sequences for us over the last few years for many of our major brands. His unparalleled background in still and moving imagery really shows in the quality and care  taken in everything he shoots. We have recently taken advantage of his ability to fly within relatively tight interior spaces with extremely impressive results

Peter Wilkinson, Creative Director, Milestone Creative

Some of our Aerial Clients.

Chicken Cyclekit
Craven Street
Farmers Weekly
Henley-on-Thames Town Council
Network Rail
Turweston Flight Centre
University of Reading
Cuts Productions
Define Films
BP Productions
Hurley House Hotel